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It’s like deja vu..

August 31, 2008 - Posted in Books , Crib , MBA Apping Posted by:

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Some people never learn. Wait I am talking about myself.

After the pathetic experience I had with Indiaplaza the last time around, I had virtually decided that I would not be using them for buying books. But then I forgot the lesson learnt, and ordered Montauk’s “How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs” – apparently a must read for all MBA applicants. Anyways, that was almost 10 days back I have still not received the book.

Though the fault this time lies with the courier service, their customer help desk remains clueless as ever. Here is the response I got from them after complaining mid last week.

I apologize for delay in delivery of the ordered book ‘How To Get In To Top Mba Programs’ placed under order ###. I request you to provide us more 2-3 working days so that we will check with the courier and deliver the book to you. We will try not to commit this mistake in your future orders.

Try not to?? Are you guys fricking kidding me??


Ankit 11 years ago

Shaant gadadhari bheem, shaant


Goyal 11 years ago

This is the only advice you ever give me!! Time to change.


Sachin 11 years ago

Try, they are much better buying books.


Goyal 11 years ago


Thanks – will try it out next time.


Rahul 11 years ago

Your subject line needs to change to.. “It’s like a glitch in the Matrix”.. 🙂


Goyal 11 years ago


Its more like a glitch with the assholes. They have sent me four emails till date saying that the book will be here in anoth 2-3 days.


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