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Deadlines waiting to be met. Essays waiting to be tackled. Forms waiting to be filled. Meanwhile, I am here, blogging. “Why the f*%k?” one might ask. Because I am stuck at office for some call which wouldn’t get over before some time.

The past couple of weeks have been overwhelming. I have acted crazily at times. Flown off the handle easily. Submitted two apps. Attended a very interesting admission event. And yet, the workload doesn’t seem to diminish. Sigh.

The work at office is not much. But you still got to be there and do it. I am stuck with some sort of a mental block (writer’s block if you will) with the essays for two of the schools I am apping to. Sucks! I am keeping away from all parties, movies, and fun in general. And yet they don’t seem to get over.

However, today seems to be different. The Master Blaster has achieved the record, and in fine fashion. Dada seems to be doing well. And I think I will be able to complete the first draft for one of my schools. Wish me best of luck people!!



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  1. Abhishek Sahay Avatar
    Abhishek Sahay

    Have been following your blog since some time now…
    Besto for the destination as well as the journey!

  2. Goyal Avatar

    Thanks Abhishek 🙂

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