Bits and pieces

Lots hasn't been happenning. But contained below are a few pieces I wanted to write about.

1. Casanova sucks – Always thought that being Casanova required something special in the person like charisma and behaviour and a way with the ladies. Seems it doesn't!! Rejoice all geeks!! This yuccky movie suggests that it has to only do with how well is someone physically endowed!! Crappy movie. Avoid at all cost.

2. India lost to Pakistan – One more game left. Let's see if India can bounce back. Also Indian management (if there is one) has decided to give Sehwag and Kaif a break. Sachin has taken a break from WI ODI series and players are complaining of burn outs. And why are we having those matches in Abu Dhabi again?

3. Dr. Rajkumar (kidnapped once by late Verrappan) passed away and his fans burnt down stuff in Bangalore, resulting in a very-long weekend.

4. Also I turned 23 last weekend. Hmm!! I feel old.

5. A piece of shayari I read here.

haalaat ke tiiron se chhalnii hain badan apne
paas aao ke siine ke kuch zakhm to bhar jaayein

simtii huii yeh ghadiyaan, phir se naa bikhar jaayein
is raat mein ji lein hum, is raat mein mar jaayein

ab subhaa naa aa paaye, aao yeh duaa maangein
is raat ke har pal se raatein hi ubhar jaayein

Gen Crib

Feel like cribbing a lot today.

Work is as much as I can do without going crazy or burning myself out. Not bad though. What is bad is working with too many women!! I am the lone guy on the project with 4 other females, three of whom insist on talking in kiddo lingua (like the famous BITSian “baccha farty” gang) and behaving in a very very girly manner that is so damn pissing off.

Also hating the fact that India lost to England (finally!!). Sehwag, I dont give a damn about the bowler or the ball, as usual decided that he will not change the way he bats. Kaif, “look ma I got double figures“, tried to get a little too cute after a life was granted and paid the price and in the process Indian team paid the price. Also a lot of damage was done by Sehwag’s decision to keep pacers on attack even when they were being smacked to all corners of the park. Looks like people don’t want to see logic.

And a day before Sehwag says that Ganguly episode is history. Did I hear someone mention the Foot-In-Mouth disease? He better use the term with caution or else he will soon join the ex-captain whose record both as a captain and a player remains miles ahead of Sehwag. I still think Ganguly is a very good option at the top of the order. At least better than Sehwag and Kaif!!

More equal than others!!

“Statistics are like a short skirts. They hide a lot more than they reveal.”

This is a quote that is used very often by cricket commentators and gurus. I am however baffled what these statistics reveal and hide. Sehwag in his last 50 innings (excluding todays) has scored 1381 runs at 28.77 with 7 fifties and a century. Ganguly on the other hand in his last 50 had scored 1403 at 30.50 with 10 fifties. Is there something that I dont understand about perform or perish policy of the indian selection committee?

Meanwhile, India keeps winning ODIs (from amazing situations) and losing out badly in Tests (ones that really matter).

Update: Meanwhile, Greg has this to say about Kaif and Sehwag. (All emphasis mine)

“Both Sehwag and Kaif are experienced players and both have been successful. They got have the skill that we need to have a good team. We will give them as many chances as we can and they need that.”

And this for Ganguly.

“Who knows? You can’t change the team all the time. We are looking for particular type of players to match the players that we already have and we are reasonably comfortable with that. I don’t think there will be wholesale changes.” (Read: Not while I am there. And Kiran More, of course.)

India loses Mumbai Test

Sachins 132nd. Dravids 100th. Dravid captain till 2007. Join the Dravid Fan Club. A few highlights of the Mumbai test. Oh, forgot one. India loses Mumbai test by 212 runs!!!

This is not a Dravid bashing post but highlights his failures. Going in a test with 5 bowlers an you opt for batting second?? Inexplicable (But thats a team decision right!! I think someone should answer, Chappel may be). Droppping catches like crazy (teams problem). India dropped no less than 15 catches in the slip cordon alone Now what has Dravid got to do with it. Oh, did I mention he dropped 5 of those (but he also took the great ones)? And Dravid is a good slip fielder. Again Yuvraj left many in the silly point position (not Dravids fault), but persisting with him there (I guess who is to blame). Not having Sachin in slips for consultation, and Sachin is a good slip fielder (someone is to blame).

Dravid is a great batsman, perhaps the best India has produced in a long time. But he is no match for Ganguly as a captain. And please I am a Dravid fan. Not a Chappel one though.

 Meanwhile something to cheer 🙂